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In the winter, it is key to have your heating systems up and running, but even if your radiators are functioning normally, you can still run into some issues.

For instance, a lot of steam radiators make a ton of noise. If your radiator is super loud and you’re sick of hearing it all day and night, give these quick fixes a try.

Tilt it.

When you hear a banging or knocking sound, that’s most likely because there is a buildup of water in the system. The water needs to be carried back down into the boiler. To do that, you’ll have to tilt the radiator back toward the pipe that goes down to the boiler.

Replace the vent.

If your radiator is whistling or squeaking, you may need to replace the air vent. Take the old one off and buy a new one for about $15. Wrap up the screw side with teflon tape to prevent future leaks.

Completely open or close the valve.

If you try to regulate the heat in your house by partially closing the valve, stop! The radiator’s valve needs to be completely turned on or completely turned off in order for it to function properly. Partially closed valves could be causing that irritating noise.

(via Apartment Therapy)

That should shut your radiator up for good! If none of those work, then you’ll probably need to call the professionals.

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