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One very important responsibility that a homeowner has is to maintain their home both for their own benefit and for the those who may live around them. One area that is often not thought about too often is the attic as inhabitants do not often spend too much time in a space primarily reserved for storage. Due to the lack of attention that the attic may receive, problems are likely to develop due to negligence in maintaining proper care of the storage space. One of the most important things to ensure is occurring in the attic is a proper flow of air that will keep the environment stable in preserving the items that are contained within it. It is common knowledge that hot air rises and cold air sinks, or maintains a low altitude. A simple solution that homeowners can use to ensure this proper flow of air is to implement what are called continuous ridge vents in the roof of your home. These vents allow for air to flow out of the house as it rises, whilst also protecting against rain and other elements. The cycling of this hot air will preserve the roof shingles and will save a homeowner greatly on their electric bill during the summer. It is a wise move for any homeowner with an upstairs attic.

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