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Get quality air conditioning advice here! We offer competitive quality services at reasonable prices. We stand behind our services and guarantee we can meet your accommodations within reasonable specifics. We welcome many approaches and ideas to accomplish you dream cooling system! We offer many plans to meet your needs and preferences. Whether it is deluxe or conservative, we can work on your plan. Please contact us or leave your email for recommendations or estimates. We are happy to discuss and negotiate.

Key Takeaways:

  • The average cost of a new AC is $5000-$6000, including labor and equipment, but some money will be saved due to the energy efficiency of a newer unit.
  • Be sure to include the cost of repairs and preventative maintenance when you estimate the cost of a new AC. Repairs average $300. Preventative maintenance, such as annual tune-ups, average $70-$100.
  • Online AC cost calculators cannot account for all factors of your home. The most accurate quote will be given by a heating and cooling professional assessing your home’s characteristics in person.

“The best way to find the AC cost for your project is to get an estimate from a qualified local HVAC contractor.”

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