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The STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering, Production) Ahead award for women in manufacturing is an award given to a woman whose work embodies excellence in the manufacturing industry. The award is given both to acknowledge a calling to a higher degree of professionalism, but also to highlight women in the industry specifically and as an often unacknowledged and underutilized, yet extremely valuable, part of the industry.

Despite the fact that close to half of the U.S. labor force is female, less than a third actually work in manufacturing. While the STEP awards are a critical factor in the overall program, STEP has a far larger mandate to find, recruit and mentor and retain great female manufacturing hires. The awards put great example of female leadership in the field, like this year’s winners, both Johnson Controls hires, project manager, Clare Frigo and account director, Julie Roberts. The women will be honored at a Washington D.C. reception, along with 128 other award recipients.

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