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The company Navien has created a new product, NaviClean. NaviClean is powered by Adey, which is a boiler filter specifically intended to work with the Navien NHB boiler. Any other boiler will work with Navien as long as their Btu/hr is 199,000 or below. NaviClean manages to protect its boiler systems through the use of a strong permanent magnet. The purpose of the magnet is to catch the high levels of iron oxide, and other waste possibly blocking or hindering your water lines. In addition, NaviClean features a bi-directional flow with the ability to turn 360 degrees. These features make it that much easier to install. On top of this, the well designed trigger and rapid-fit connections make it an even quicker install in comparison to competitors. Lastly, the NaviClean’s dirt filtration system enables the product to extend your overall heating system while still managing to minimize your costs.

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