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Energy efficiency is an increasingly important component to any appliance and the new 19 SEER air conditioning unit cuts energy usage by up to 47 percent. This unit can either be a brand new installation or replace an existing AC unit, but is up to date to meet all the technological advancements in air conditioning, including Wi-Fi capabilities which allows homeowners remote control of their home-cooling systems. The 19 SEER is a great option for someone looking for a state of the art AC unit that is affordable and highly energy efficient.

Key Takeaways:

  • this unit can be sold as part of a residential system or a premium upgrade to your existing system
  • you can use remote monitoring for this via the app
  • there is a one year limited labor warranty that is included

“A smaller footprint that allows the unit to fit into compact spaces without sacrificing performance
An advanced ShadowDrive Sound Reduction system which includes swept-wing fan, high-efficiency ECM fan motor, sound enclosure and composite base for quiet, efficient air circulation
A swing-open electrical box that provides full corner access to the inside of the unit for easy maintenance, installation and service”

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