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The company Wilo USA has new solar powered water pumps. They come in two varieties Wilo-Quick and Wilo-Opti. They are stainless steel and use either centrifugal or helical rotor hydraulic execution to operate. The pump has a high motor efficiency so that it can operate even in low light conditions. They can also make custom solar systems for any water pump situation. Wilo USA is one of the best solar companies around and plans to expand their produced line soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wilo has introduced a new 4 inch solar pump that comes in two series.
  • The pump is built so that there is 24/7 access available because of it’s high motor effiency
  • In 2018 the company will expand and add another model.

“Wilo well pumps feature an efficient, simple design for clean water. The all-stainless steel solar submersible pumps offer either a centrifugal or helical rotor hydraulic execution and feature permanent magnet motors. Additionally, no external controls are required for the operation of either series.”

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