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To be prepared during this summer and hot July, there are various steps you can take to maintain your cooling system. First, you should check your air filter. You must also be sure that your vents are opened and unblocked by carpets or furniture for optimal air flow. Have a company come check your external units as well as your internal drip plans. By taking the steps to maintain your cooling units this summer, you will be able to keep the heat at bay.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to maintain and check your HVAC system during the hot month of July.
  • Check to see if your HVAC air filter is free of contaminants, change if necessary.
  • Make sure none of your registers or air grilles are shut for best cooling power.

“During periods of heavy cooling system use, the filter should be inspected monthly to make sure it has not become full of contaminants.”

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