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There are many aspects to ensure your A/C is working at maximum efficiency. There are 5 quick tips to assist the homeowner to address their A/C needs. Everyone knows #1, which is to replace the filter on a regular basis. This can be done by the homeowner. #2 is to check wiring, which is best left to a professional. #3 is to monitor the thermostat and if you have an older unit, it might be best to replace it for maximum e@ficiency. The homeowner can do this, but one needs a certain level of knowledge, or they can call a professional to install one properly. #4 is checking the condenser unit fan, which requires to remove the housing of the A/C unit outside. This is not something that most homeowners are proficient at, so calling a professional is best. #5 is cleaning the outside unit as described in #4, by cleaning the fan and area around the condenser unit, but do not use a power washer. Be sure to trim any plants or obstructions around the condenser unit which might get in the way of air flow.

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