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An air handler distributes warm or cool air equally throughout your house. Trane air handlers are marketed as trustworthy, lasting systems that assist keep your household comfy year-round.

Our guide breaks down Trane air handler measurements, designs, and innovation.

An air handler is the indoor part of an indoor/outdoor heating or cooling system. It promotes even and steady air flow, and it normally couple with an outside heatpump or a/c. An air handler might likewise be called a fan coil system.

 Trane air handler evaluation Are Trane air handlers great?

Trane air handler evaluations suggest the brand name makes dependable and top quality systems. To figure out if Trane is much better than other brand names of air handlers, we evaluate the coil innovation, blower, and guarantee motor speeds of the 3 lines of devices provided by Trane.

The external cabinet of a Trane air handler is more long lasting than other brand names. It withstands deterioration and the Hyperion ™™ air handler particularly has actually distinctively created insulation to avoid external condensation from reaching the internal elements of the system.

.Trane air handler designs.

Trane divides its domestic air handlers into 3 series. No matter which series you purchase, the resilient cabinet is constructed to outlive daily wear and tear.

.Hyperion ™™ is the premium series.M Series is the mid-level series.TMM Series is the basic series. Trane Hyperion ™™ air handlers.

Trane ’ s remarkable line of air handlers is the Hyperion  ™ Series. There are presently 3 designs within the series: TAM9, gaf2, and gam5. While the 3 systems share a variety of comparable functions, like an effective cabinet style and fully-enclosed insulation, the various functions and specifications make the GAF2 the most inexpensive of this premium air handler line.

The most sophisticated design, the TAM9 , provides interacting innovation. The ComfortLink ™™ II interacting innovation links each of the core parts of your cooling and heating system. The innovation adjusts the air and sets up handler for ideal efficiency. Check Out the Trane Hyperion ™™ Series air handlers.

. Trane M Series air handlers.

The Trane M Series line of air handlers integrates worth and energy effectiveness. There are presently 3 designs in the series: TEM8, tem4, and tem6. Each design includes an all-aluminum coil and Vortica ™™ Blower, which utilizes less energy than traditional blowers to provide more air, while running silently and minimizing carbon emissions.

The TEM8 is geared up with ComfortLink ™™ II interacting innovation, making it the high-end design of this series. This design likewise uses Comfort-R humidity control, making it perfect for houses in the Southeast area. Check Out the Trane M Series air handlers.

.Trane TMM Series air handlers.

The basic line of air handlers by Trane is the TMM Series. There are presently 2 designs in the series: TMM4 and TMM5. Both designs use a single blower speed and are the most inexpensive of all Trane air handlers.

These designs are developed for tighter areas. While conventional air handlers are generally positioned in your attic or basement, the TMM systems can be installed on studs or over the warm water heating system to conserve area. Check Out the Trane TMM Series air handlers.

.Trane TMM vs. M Series vs. Hyperion ™™ Air Handlers.

In the chart below, you can identify which functions are coupled with the various air handler designs. Think about the advantages of each design and talk to your HVAC expert to guarantee you set up the ideal size system.

.Air handler featuresTMM SeriesM SeriesHyperion ™™ SeriesAll-aluminum coil  ✅  ✅  ✅ Electric heating readily available  ✅  ✅  ✅ Polymer drain pan  ✅ Corrosion-resistant surface  ✅  ✅  ✅ Trane CleanEffects ™™ compatibility  ✅  ✅ Variable-speed blower motor  ✅ TEM6 and TEM8 just)  ✅( TAM9 just) ComfortLink II innovation  ✅( TEM8 just)  ✅( TAM9 just) Dual-slope drain pan  ✅ Fully confined, “ refrigerator-style ” insulation  ✅ Modular style for simple fitting  ✅ Epoxy-coated coil  ✅ Built-in 1 ” filter frame  ✅ Hydronic heating alternative  ✅( TAM9 and GAM5 just) Control board pocket  ✅( TAM9 just) Electronic refrigerant circulation valve  ✅( TAM9 just) What to think about prior to purchasing.

Before buying an air handler, ask your HVAC expert about particular parts of the advised system. We discuss Trane’’ s coil innovation, blower, and service warranty motor speeds listed below.

.Coil innovation.

Every Trane air handler is made with an all-aluminum evaporator coil. The Hyperion ™™ Series is made more long lasting with an all-aluminum epoxy-coated coil. The market is beginning to move far from mixed-metal coils, as they break down quicker than aluminum. Trane was an early adopter of this brand-new requirement.

The epoxy finish on the Hyperion ™™ Series coils assist keep smell and residue under control. Completing brand names like Carrier deal comparable finishes, however you need to pay an extra cost. Trane makes this upgrade a basic part of its premium designs.

.Service warranty.

Trane air handlers include a Base Limited Warranty for systems that are signed up 60 days after preliminary setup. The base guarantee covers the coil and internal elements for 5 years as long as certifying specs are satisfied.

If you register your gadget within 60 days of purchase, you can extend the service warranty to 10 years. The Registered Limited Warranty ““ covers the expense of parts that may stop working due to maker problem ,” ” according to Trane.

An Optional Extended Warranty is offered at an extra expense. You’’ ll requirement to consult with your Trane HVAC dealership to finish the procedure. This service warranty covers the expense of parts and labor.

Trane guarantee choices are usually much better than rivals. Other brand names, like Lennox, will just guarantee premium designs for 10 years. Trane keeps the service warranty constant throughout all its designs.

.Blower motor speeds.

Trane utilizes Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) and variable-speed blower motors in the remarkable designs (Hyperion ™™ TAM9 and M Series TEM6 and TEM8 ). Due to the fact that they can run listed below their greatest capability, these motors assist you take full advantage of energy performance.

The only Trane series that utilizes a PSC (long-term split capacitor) is the TMM, which is produced extra-small areas. Trane is on par with premium rivals by using generally ECM motors.

Value brand names like Goodman provide a larger series of air handlers with PSC motors. If your spending plan enables, we advise going for an ECM. While they’’ re costlier than a PSC motor up-front, the regular monthly cost savings on your electrical energy costs will be a continuous advantage.

.ComfortLink ™™ II Technology.

Trane uses 2 designs that work with interacting thermostats. The Hyperion ™™ TAM9 and M Series TEM8 designs provide you access to ComfortLink ™™ II, Trane ’ s exclusive wise system.


This innovation senses your house’’ s humidity and temperature level, then gets used to optimum levels so your area will constantly feel comfy. Plus, you can make the temperature level and humidity settings various in each space of your house.

If you’’ ve got a home divided when it concerns comfy temperature levels, a TEM8 or Hyperion TAM9 air handler might be best for you.

Trane has several rate tiers with interacting innovation, which is a significant bonus offer for customers. With rivals like Carrier and Lennox, you need to spring for a premium design to get any wise compatibility.

Plus, you can pull out of the interacting innovation and still get a premium system. With both Carrier and Lennox, all of the premium systems are interacting. If you wish to keep away from wise tech, however otherwise desire a high-performing air handler, the Hyperion ™™ GAM5 and Hyperion  ™ GAF2 are excellent alternatives.

. If you likewise purchase an interacting thermostat from Trane, #ppppp> Note that ComfortLink II innovation just works. If you have a third-party wise thermostat that you enjoy, a more universal clever innovation like Goodman ComfortBridge might much better match your requirements.

.Air handler sizes.

Every Trane air handler is readily available in several sizes. Air handler sizing is typically determined in tonnage.

Tonnage is not the weight of the air handler itself. Tonnage is the BTU output, or capability, of the air handler system. Often, air handlers are sized by British Thermal Units instead of loads. 12,000 BTU/hour is comparable to 1 lots of output.

Trane air handlers vary from 1.5 to 5 lots of output. Your regional Trane dealership can assist you identify what size air handler you require. It depends, in part, on the size of your outside system.

.Trane air handler expense.

The Trane air handler expenses noted below describe a 3-ton air handler. Utilize the HVAC expense calculator for a more accurate quote based upon your area or call your regional Trane dealership.

.Series/Model NumberBlower Motor SpeedCapacity (loads) Dimensions (height X width X depth) Cost (system + setup) Hyperion ™™ Communicating TAM9Variable2-550 ” X 17.5” ” – X 22””– 62 ” X 23.5 ” X 22 ”$ 2,525– $3,075 Hyperion  ™ GAM5Multi-speed( ECM four-speed motor) 1.5-550 ” – X 17.5” ” X 22 ”– 62 ” X 23.5 ” X 22 ”$ 2,365–$ 2,965 Hyperion  ™ GAF2Multi-speed( PSC three-speed blower motor) 2-339.5” ” X 17.5 ” X 21.8 ” $2,250–$ 2,850 M Series Communicating TEM8Variable2-547” ” X 18.5 ” X 21””– 54 ” X 26.5 ” X 21 ” $ 2,335– $2,735 M Series TEM6Variable2-546.77 ” – X 18.5 ” X 21.13 ”– 55.75 ” X 23.5 X 21 ⅛ ” $2,125–$ 2,675 M Series TEM4Multi-speed( ECM)” 1.5-545 ” X 18.5 ” – X 21 ”– 55.75 X 23.5 X 21 ⅛ ” $1,925–$ 2,525 TMM4/TMM5Single (PSC) 2-336.5” ” X 20.5 ” – X 15 ”– 39.5 ” X 22 ” X 19 ”$ 785–$ 1,075 Trane air handler setup.

Trane air handler setup expense is $1,300 to $1,900 for a Hyperion ™™ or M Series air handler. TMM4 and TMM5 air handlers are more economical to set up, hovering in between $200 to $400.

Installing an air handler is not a DIY task. Have an experienced expert total the work. Trane defines that if a system isn’’ t set up and kept by a licensed HVAC specialist, your service warranty might be void if something fails.

If you’’ re changing your entire heating or cooling system, ask your specialist to finish an ACCA Manual J computation prior to you purchase an outside system. This assists guarantee you’’ re getting the best size outside system to match your air handler.

.Finest Trane air handler dealership.

Choosing the very best Trane dealership and setup professional in your location ought to be your leading concern. No matter how energy-efficient an air handler is developed to be, if it’’ s not set up properly, your house isn’’ t comfy.

Review online scores for neighboring HVAC dealerships. Ask for a quote from your leading 3 dealerships to compare labor expenses. The least pricey alternative might not be the very best.

Ask the dealership about the labor service warranty. While the Trane service warranty will cover parts, it’’ s approximately you to spend for the labor to make repair work when required. Many dealerships cover their deal with a guarantee for 3 to 5 years.

Finally, ask the dealerships what rewards they have offered. Discount rates are provided at various times throughout the year, so requesting for a producer or dealership special might lower your out-of-pocket cost.

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