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Armstrong Fluid Technology has actually revealed a brand-new variation of its Design Envelope pump to serve light-duty setups where the offered power is single stage.

The brand-new Design Envelope pumps are now offered for usage with single-phase power (200-230V) from 1/3 to 2 horse power and, for increased dependability, are constructed to a style basic rollovered from business pumps. In addition, since the mechanical space piping for light-duty fluid-flow applications is typically set up vertically, these brand-new single-phase pumps can be set up and run in vertical piping.

As with all Design Envelope pumps, the innovation is developed around a need based smart control service that:

.designs devices and system habits keeps track of real system conditions dynamically changes devices operation to match system need is created to supply the greatest energy effectiveness and most affordable set up and running expenses.

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