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Emergency AC Repair & Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Upgrading your air conditioner and getting routine maintenence is necessary to keep the air conditioning unit working properly and to keep electric bills low. By maintaining it, expenses can be reduced by avoiding a full repair. The main duties in proper air conditioning unit maintenence includes: keeping the unit clean (by dusting), changing the air filter periodically and being sure to keep pests away. A professional is always highly recommended for these maintenence instructions, but getting it done is first priority. Maintenence is much easier and less costly than repairs.

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Air Conditioning Units: Then & Now

Air conditioning has changed a lot over the years. It is a luxury that many people take for granted these days. It is a standard piece of equipment in homes today. It has had an impact on all of our lives and we may not even be aware of how big that impact is. Cooling technology has improved and advanced greatly over the years. Before residential air conditioning was created, homes were a lot hotter.

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