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Home owners do not like spending their hard earned money on repairing appliances such as the furnace and air conditioner. It is difficult for the home owner to determine which service company to contact regarding the repair. Some appliance repair companies advertise they charge a flat fee for different repairs, which is to the customer’s advantage since they know up front what they are paying. Sometimes the repair man is slow working increasing the time it takes to repair the appliance, while other jobs are quicker to complete. Repair companies that charge flat fee for labor does so to assist the customer to get the most for their money.

Key Takeaways:

  • When your A/C breaks you want to pick a company that gets back to you within a certain time, and has a fair price as well as good work.
  • If you hire a company who has a flat rate you wont have to worry about asking how much.
  • You as a customer can feel relaxed. More time on the job is still a flat rate fee.

“Upfront, fair and professional service. That’s what customers are seeking and that’s what flat rate pricing brings to the customer. That should make and keep every customer satisfied.”

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